Basilare was created to combine beauty, exclusivity and minimalist luxury with real cosmetic sustainability.

Basilare was born in Italy, in the heart of the Triveneto between Padua, Venice and Trento.

Renowned lands throughout the world for their fine wine, the charm ofthe Dolomites and the craftsmanship of luxury footwear.  Not to mention the timeless uniqueness of Venice

Basilare in Italian means essential or simple, it refers to something fundamental, which forms the foundation.

In terms of the face, eye contour and décolletage, the essential basis for its health, beauty and care involves three steps:

  • · cleansing
  • · hydration
  • · protection from oxidizing agents.

Only what is needed. Because simplicity has value. Simplicity is the value.

Elegance, beauty and sustainability made in Italy

The shape of the bottle is square like the foundations of a cathedral. To represent the solidity, coherence and concrete nature of this elegant project.

The value of sustainability is the driver for Basilare, which interprets it by enhancing what already exists on our planet.

Giving it dignity, beauty and elegance.

Making it magical.

The magnificent art of Italian manufacturing and the ingenuity of reuse.

Over 80% of the Basilare bottles consist of recycled material. And, of course, they are 100% recyclable.

The Basilare trio is an authentic expression of Triveneto’s cultivation, featuring 98% naturally derived ingredients. Among its standout components, Vitis Vinifera takes the lead in various forms abundant in beneficial properties for skincare.

Scientific tests confirm its moisturizing and antioxidant value and certify its suitability even for sensitive skin.