Cleansing and make-up removing cream for face,
eye contour and décolletage.

The first step in preserving epidermal elasticity, tone and softness.
Kind to even the most sensitive skin types.


Removes even the boldest make-up effectively.
Gives hydration and firmness to the skin, without weighing it down.
Enhances the subsequent steps in your beauty routine.

Active ingredients and properties

Vitis Vinifera in the triple form of grapeseed oil, glycerinated grape pomace extract and unripe grape stem cells; almond oil; hydrolyzed mullein flower extract, barley sativa starch; Hyaluronic acid; Resveratrol.

The synergy of noble ingredients with emollient, hydrating and antioxidant properties gives protection and nourishment to the epidermis, for glowing skin even after cleansing.

Reliability and sustainability* credentials

Dermatologically tested
Ophthalmologically tested
Tested on sensitive skin
Nickel tested
Hydrating action confirmed by in vitro tests
98 percent of the ingredients are of natural origin
Over 80 percent of the bottle has been made from recycled plastic material*
The fragrance used for the perfume is delicate and developed using biodegradable ingredients

Made in Italy excellence takes center stage

  • the ingredients in the Basilare cosmetic line come from crops in the Italian territory and the main ones are representative of the Triveneto area;
  • the production chain is all Italian: from the formulation to the manufacturing of the cosmetic products, and from the design of the iconic square bottle to the creation of the precious Basilare Box;
  • skills and advanced technology in the design of formulas and in the production phases;
  • craftsmanship handed down for generations and attention to the finest detail.

Step 1 – A must-have in luxury toiletries set: cleanser 

In a luxury toiletries set, a cleanser cannot miss. No one can do without using a cleanser and make-up remover for face and eyes, also useful for décolleté, in the morning or evening. 


The first step to preserve skin elasticity, tone and softness, by respecting even the most sensitive epidermis.

With its threefold action, it:


  • effectively removes even the boldest make-up;
  • gives hydration and firmness to the skin, without greasing it;
  • enhances the next steps of a beauty routine.


The synergy of fine ingredients with emollient, moisturising and antioxidant properties gives protection and radiant skin immediately after cleansing.

Basilare cleanser is made from Vitis Vinifera, in the triple form of grape-seed oil, glycerinated grape-seed extract and stem cells from unripe grapes, combined with almond oil, mullein flower and hyaluronic acid, which provide nourishment to the epidermis. 


This plant is notable for its properties:


  • rich in efficient, bioavailable and highly stable antioxidants;
  • it greatly increases antioxidant defences of the skin;
  • it provides a long-lasting protection.

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, including on Nickel and sensitive skin, our cleanser has a gentle fragrance made with biodegradable ingredients. 98% of its composition comes from plants.  

Its moisturising action is also confirmed by in vitro tests, and its protective effect lasts more than 6 hours, keeping high defences against atmospheric agents and pollution.


Tests also show a +124% increase in the skin antioxidant defences, due to the power of Vitis Vinifera stem cells.

Let your guests be captivated by the energy and richness of a cleanser made from this fruit: a component that makes Basilare the best organic luxury welcome gift in toiletries lines for hotels, yachts and exclusive clubs.