Cream for face, eye contour and d├ęcolletage.

Enveloping and sublime, it gives the complexion unparalleled hydration, care and well-being. A pampering experience suitable for the most delicate skin.


The silky texture prepares the epidermis for the application of subsequent dermo-cosmetic products such as sunscreen and/or make-up.

Active ingredients and properties

Vitis Vinifera in the triple form of grapeseed oil, glycerinated grape pomace extract and unripe grape stem cells; hydrolyzed mullein flower extract; hyaluronic acid; resveratrol and rosehip: a harmony of precious active ingredients with emollient, hydrating and antioxidant properties reveals the skin’s natural radiance.

The result is optimal skin hydration, smooth and plump facial skin and effective protection against oxidative attacks.

Despite the dry feel, the emollients gently nourish the skin for hours: the Basilare Cream I is formulated to create a cascade effect, which prolongs epidermal well-being.

The Basilare cream:
nourishes and supports the facial profile, eye contour and d├ęcolletage, while respecting the natural physiology
preserves a high level of elasticity and tone by promoting an optimal eudermic balance.

Reliability and sustainability* credentials

Dermatologically tested

Ophthalmologically tested

Tested on sensitive skin

Nickel tested

Hydrating action confirmed by in vitro tests

Protective anti-oxidant action confirmed by in vitro tests

98 percent of the ingredients are of natural origin

Over 80 percent of the bottle has been made from recycled plastic material*

The fragrance used for the perfume is delicate and developed using biodegradable ingredients

Made in Italy excellence takes center stage

  • the ingredients in the Basilare cosmetic line come from crops in the Italian territory, and the main ones are representative of the Triveneto area;
  • the production chain is all Italian: from the formulation to the manufacturing of the cosmetic products, and from the design of the iconic square bottle to the creation of the precious Basilare Box;
  • the use of advanced technology in the design of formulas and in the production phases;
  • craftsmanship handed down for generations and attention to the finest detail.