A luxury gift to impress your guests at the hotel and on board

A luxury welcome gift is the most appreciated present for those who decide to invest in exclusive relaxation or who want to make a dream come true by the purchase of a car or yacht. 

The best charming gift for your guests is a gentle gesture of care for their beauty and kindness towards our ecosystem.

Providing a toiletry line of organic products in the hotel room or on board the yacht you have just sold is not a superfluous gesture, but a gift that is lovely for those who give it as well as the ones who receive it.

Anyone choosing to spend holidays in dream places such as resorts, villas and exclusive clubs appreciates a luxury welcome gift that is personalised and exclusive as the chosen location.

Each Basilare resort welcome gift is purposefully designed for face care and beauty: everyone’s calling card to the outside world.

Surprise your customers by giving them a present: finding a Basilare luxury welcome gift on board their new yacht or on the passenger seat of their newly purchased car.

Essential in its shape and look, the refined black box containing a trio of facial products is made of 80% recycled cardboard. 

The harmony of a minimalist luxury meets the daily gestures of caring for our skin and protecting the planet.

Discover the essentiality of Basilare luxury welcome gifts. A project aiming at the leading players of the luxury sector, combining attention to skincare and respect for the environment in an exclusive Italian brand. 

The wellness box that has been designed with the active ingredients of typical crops from Triveneto region, blends moisturising, antioxidant and complexion brightening properties. 

Especially Vitis Vinifera, renowned for its powerful nutritive properties, helps combat cellular ageing, representing wealth and prosperity since ancient times.

Thanks to the recovery of 84% recycled material, its bottles are made from a regenerated polymer. In turn, Basilare bottles are 100% recyclable.

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