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Guide to luxury gift for resort

A guide to luxury gift for resorts is extremely important for choosing elegant and meaningful treats for the most demanding guests. These gifts are intended for people who appreciate the best in life, and they can only be found in exclusive resorts and high-end facilities. 

They are designed to create unforgettable and exciting moments, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to clients experience. 

Let’s discover together how to surprise and delight special guests with luxury gift ideas that embody the unique spirit and enchanting atmosphere of the best resorts in the world.

What to choose

When we offer a luxury experience into a resort, the choice of the right gifts can make a difference. Here you can see five luxury gift ideas for resorts that will certainly impress the most discerning guests. Between customary gifts and new ideas, there are plenty of solutions.

  • Luxury cosmetics: high-end cosmetics are always a winning choice. From moisturising creams to rejuvenating serums, these products offer a touch of indulgence and sophistication. Carefully chosen, they express the commitment of the resort to the well-being and satisfaction of its guests.
  • Luxury bath set: a complete bath set with high-quality toiletries is a practical and luxurious gift. Certainly the idea is not innovative, but for those who don’t want to be daring, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and scented soaps are a reassuring must.
  • Relaxation accessories: meditation kits, scented candles or essential oil diffusers are great gifts to promote relaxation and well-being during staying. If your hosts have a distinctly Zen spirit, these accessories can help create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
  • Exclusive culinary experiences: a gift voucher for a gourmet dinner at the restaurant of the resort or a wine tasting can be a popular option for food and wine lovers. These experiences offer a memorable way to enjoy life pleasures.
  • Exclusive tours or outdoor activities: organising a private tour or a unique outdoor experience, such as a boat excursion, can add a touch of adventure and discovery to their stay. Of course, you have to match your clients’ taste and lifestyle, but if you can do it, these gifts will offer unique opportunities to explore the surrounding area and create lasting memories.

As you can see, the solutions to make luxury gifts are many and varied, but among them all, luxury cosmetics are the favourite choice of resort customers for their value and utility. They offer the freedom to use them at the desired time, allowing guests to indulge in personal care and discover exclusive and otherwise inaccessible products, guaranteeing extraordinary results for their skin.


Luxury gifts for resorts give a number of benefits for both guests and the resort itself. 

For guests, these gifts offer an extraordinary holiday experience, enriching their time spent at the resort. Luxury hotel toiletries offer high-quality cosmetics that transform the daily bath into a moment of pure luxury, ensuring comfort and satisfaction. That’s why luxury gift box suppliers must provide elegant and refined packaging that adds an element of surprise and delight to the gift giving experience.

For the resorts themselves, offering luxury gifts can bring numerous benefits in: 

  • customer satisfaction;
  • loyalty;
  • resort’s reputation;
  • marketing opportunities;
  • competition;
  • bookings;
  • business success.

First, these gifts help create a memorable experience at the resort, increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, offering high-quality luxury hotel toiletries can enhance the reputation of the resort and the overall perception of its offer. 

That’s why luxury gift box suppliers have to offer customised and classy solutions that perfectly enhance the resort’s image and style, contributing to a charming and exclusive atmosphere.

In addition, the supply of luxury gift boxes can also be a marketing opportunity for the resort, helping it to promote its offer and distinguish itself from its competitors. Luxury gift supplier for resorts can collaborate with the resort to create customised and unique gifts that best embody the spirit and identity of the resort. Finally, offering luxury gifts can generate more interest from potential customers, helping the resort to increase bookings and success. 

Ultimately, luxury gifts for resorts are a winning choice for both guests and facilities, offering tangible benefits in terms of experience, reputation and business success.

The box

Basilare offers an exclusive luxury gift for resorts: a toiletries box containing luxury cosmetics, the ideal kit for taking care of your skin wellbeing

The essentiality and exclusivity of the Basilare gift box is also evident in the products contained within it: a cleanser for daily cleansing, a powerful antioxidant serum and a moisturising skin cream. These facial products represent three simple and essential care steps for the skin of face, eyes and décolleté.

The nourishing and antioxidant power of grapes, especially those from the Triveneto region where Basilare was born, makes these products extremely effective in moisturising the skin and protecting it from ageing.

Basilare packaging is both minimalist and elegant: its square bottles evoke solidity and essentiality. In line with Basilare’s ecological philosophy, the bottles and boxes are made from more than 84% recycled materials and, at the same time, are fully recyclable.

In its minimalist look, this luxury gift from Basilare embodies elegance. So if you want a wellness gift that transmits an essence of sophistication, choose the exclusive taste of Basilare luxury hotel supply products.

Contact us to try our products and allow yourself to be enveloped in a world of uncompromising refinement.