luxury gifts for yachts

Guide to luxury gifts for yachts

In the exclusive world of luxury gifts for yachts, elegance merges with the allure of the ocean.

Luxury gifts for yacht owners are the perfect way to show gratitude to those who have chosen your brand or hospitality.

It is important to show your guests how special they are when they buy a yacht or book an exclusive stay on board.

So, take care of their well-being and entertainment on board. With attention to detail and a touch of luxury, you will make their stay unforgettable.

If you are looking for a gift that embodies the upmarket lifestyle of yachting, there is nothing better than a set of luxury toiletries. A beauty kit that will take your guests on a journey of luxury and beauty.

From moisturising creams to nourishing serums, the delights of a luxury nautical gift will not fail to impress, adding another perceived value to your service.

What gifts to offer on board

Nautical gifts represent an intriguing fusion of the marine world and luxury, offering a wide range of options to satisfy the most demanding tastes of sea lovers

These gifts are designed for those who love sailing, exploring or simply immersing themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of the ocean. 

It is among the waves of the sea that the essence of minimalist luxury surfaces, a concept of which Basilare, as a supplier of luxury cosmetics, has made its flagship. 

Luxury shows itself in the choice of items for the wellbeing of clients on board, far from flaunting a valuable object. In such a context, the choice of a charming gift matches the values of the giver with those of the receiver.

Among luxury gifts for yachts, the most popular are the ones that focus on personal wellbeing, especially when designed with the sea environment in mind. From decorative objects to useful navigational instruments, nautical gifts range in a wide assortment, including miniature yacht models, sophisticated navigational instruments, high-quality marine binoculars and other objects recalling the nautical world in every way. 

However, among these options, luxury cosmetics prove to be particularly popular. Offering a wide range of moisturising creams, scented oils and skincare treatments, these sets provide a complete wellness experience, ideal for relaxing and restoring after a day at sea. Choosing customers favourite nautical gifts, the important thing is to find a harmony between elegance and functionality, ensuring a memorable experience that blends perfectly with the marine environment.

The benefits of a gift

Offering luxury gifts for yachts is more than just a complimentary act of kindness. It represents an authentic demonstration of gratitude and a tangible way to celebrate the essence of the sea. 

Renowned yacht brands such as Ferretti, Azimut, Sunseeker and others are already known for their unparalleled reputation and quality. However, what sets them apart is their continuous quest to enhance the customers experience and make it truly unforgettable. Outfitting their yachts with charming nautical gifts offers a number of advantages.

Let’s see them all.

  • Customer loyalty: offering luxury yacht gifts strengthens the bond with customers, fostering stronger and longer-lasting relationships. It proves a genuine commitment to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty over time.  
  • Differentiation from the competitors: distinctive, high quality yacht gifts allow brands to stand out from competition. This is especially important in such a competitive industry where caring or the customer experience makes a difference.
  • Enhancing the customer experience: offering luxury gifts helps to raise the overall brand perception and enhance its reputation in the luxury yacht industry. It makes the customer experience even more valuable and unforgettable.
  • Personalisation: the ability to personalise gifts with the client’s name adds a personal and special touch, making the experience even more unique and memorable for the recipient.
  • Promoting a luxurious lifestyle: offering high-quality gifts promotes the exclusive and sophisticated lifestyle associated with luxury yachting. It helps to consolidate the brand image and attract a detail-oriented clientele enthusiastic to try new and unique experiences.  

Ultimately, offering luxury yacht gifts such as Basilare kit is not only a kind thing, but also a strategic investment in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as consolidating the brand reputation and prestige in the luxury yacht supplier market.

The box

In the world of luxury gifts for yachts, offering an exclusive skin care treatment is a refined and distinctive act of hospitality.

Luxury gift boxes for yacht owners can include a trio of essential skincare products for face, neck and décolleté, ideal for guests who appreciate luxury and personal care.

A luxury cosmetics box set such as Basilare offers maximum comfort and well-being for the skin. The Basilare essential kit includes a cleanser for daily cleansing and make-up removal, a serum enriched with the antioxidants of unripe grapes and a moisturiser for a prolonged hydration and skin nourishment.

These three simple actions are the secret to a radiant and healthy skin in the morning, eliminating the superfluous, thanks to a precious box that combines the best of skincare.

Starting from organic products from the Triveneto region, where Basilare was born among the cities of Venice, Padua and Trento, experts have created innovative formulas using grapes as a key ingredient. Thanks to its nourishing and antioxidant power, grapes protect the skin from ageing, keeping it fresh and radiant.

The packaging of our luxury gifts for yachts is carefully designed to express the exclusivity and elegance of the maritime industry.

Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, the packaging strives to reduce environmental impact while respecting the natural beauty of the sea. With a refined, minimalist design, the packaging evokes a sense of luxury without excess, in line with the sophisticated lifestyle associated with high-end shipping. Every detail is carefully considered, from the outer layer of packaging to the interior presentation, to ensure the gift-opening experience is as rewarding and memorable as its content.  

If you wish to give your yacht guests or its purchasers an exclusive gift, we will be happy to introduce you our wellness boxes. Contact us for chic and luxury gifts for your new high-end yacht toiletries