luxury hospitality

Guide to luxury hospitality

A guide to luxury hospitality is what luxury accommodations need to add an exclusive element for those who opt for a stay in a prestigious location. 

Luxury hotels, villas, yachts, golf or tennis clubs are not simply places to spend pleasant moments. They can be oases of well-being and delight for body and mind. 

In a scenario in which wellness and luxury are increasingly in the limelight, high-end hotels have to provide unique and unforgettable experiences for their guests. Therefore, luxury gifts are needed to effectively meet this challenge, enabling ultra-luxury hospitality to offer high level treatments that exceed their guests expectations. 

In this in-depth guide, we are going to examine how luxury hotel toiletries can add value, raising the customer perception of luxury and contributing to the excellent reputation of a glamorous yacht, hotel or villa.

To fully understand how to select luxury toiletries, we will explore what charming hotels and exclusive clubs should look for in luxury gifts to delight their guests.

What is it

For your luxury hospitality, we recommend a deluxe welcome set for her and for him. It represents something personal for a guest while you take care of his or her well-being. It is not just an extra service, but a privileged as well as impeccable experience. 

Wellness boxes in luxury hotels symbolise a deep experience. Charming toiletries must be able to immerse your guests in an exclusive world: their own world.

That’s why choosing a luxury wellness box means to exceed customer expectations. Whether the gift set is placed in the room or on board the newly purchased yacht, the important thing is its products embody the essence of quality.

Then, if the gift set also symbolises a gesture of protection for Nature, we can truly say that the brand has succeeded in distinguishing itself through aesthetic and moral values.

It’s this the case of Basilare that stands out for sustainability and is a brand that has made of recycling its hallmark. The materials used to produce its bottles are the result of a generous 84% recycling.

And Basilare passes the baton of this important gesture on the recipient of this luxury gift. In fact, the latter can properly recycle both the box and the bottles containing the three products: a production chain that respects sustainability transmitting it to the end client. 

Don’t call it just packaging: the outer box with its essential and refined lines, with its waves and studied design, expresses the refined and essential taste of Basilare.

Choosing luxury toiletries for your guests is an expression of style. It is a commitment to offer them a unique skin sensation to wrap their souls in.


The luxury toiletries of Basilare confirm the exclusive level of the elegant accommodations chosen by guests for their moments of relaxation. 

But let’s see below how, thanks to a welcome kit, a luxury hotel, villa or yacht can strengthen its brand image.

So let’s focus on the advantages of wellness kits for extra-luxury hotels.

1. Exclusive experience: luxury gift offer to the guests a unique and personalised experience, allowing them to enjoy special treatments directly in the privacy and comfort of their own yacht, villa or hotel room.

2. Increase in perceived value: the presence of luxury gift ideas adds a certain value to the facility. It sets the venue apart from the competitors and makes it more attractive to customers seeking luxury and sophistication.

3. Customer loyalty: after a first complementary use, guests can order to the accommodation facility the same skincare product contained in the hospitality luxury toiletries. 

4. Increased turnover: offering high level wellness products at a premium level can help increase the value of the stay, allowing the venue to differentiate itself in the market and charge higher prices. It can also foster customer loyalty, creating an emotional bond with the hotel and increasing the guest desire to repeat the experience in the future, as well as recommending it to friends and family.

5. Wellness promotion: luxury gifts promote the physical and mental wellbeing of guests, offering them the opportunity to relax and recharge during their stay, and giving the entire hospitality organisation an image of caring for the wellbeing of its guests.


Basilare has designed a minimalist beauty gift box that embodies the concept of luxury, by conveying a timeless elegance. The box contains a complete skincare kit consisting of three essential products: 

  • cleanser;
  • serum;
  • hydrating moisturizer. 

They represent the basic gestures of the beauty routine to deeply nourish the skin of face, eyes and décolleté.

The nourishing and antioxidant power of grapes from the Triveneto region, where Basilare originates, makes these products extremely effective in moisturising and protecting the skin against premature ageing. 

Thanks to a high-quality formulation, the luxury hospitality line stands out for its light and pleasant texture.

In the refined spaces of exclusive villas, deluxe hotels or yachts, the luxury toiletries provide an extension of comfort and prestige, offering a sensory experience and a positive association with the Basilare brand. Each luxury gift box becomes an icon of exclusivity through attention to aesthetic details and quality ingredients.

So, luxury hospitality is essential for any venue that aspires to offer a high level stay. Through high quality products and attention to detail, such as those offered by Basilare, deluxe accommodation facilities can create an unforgettable experience for their guests. It will help them stand out in the competitive luxury hospitality market and consolidate their reputation as a prestigious destination.