luxury gift for hotels

Guide to luxury gift for hotels

A guide to luxury gifts for hotels is necessary to know how to select welcome kits for high level accommodations. In fact, it is crucial for deluxe hotels to make an accurate assessment of their specific needs and to choose top-class hotel suppliers. 

It ensures the products and services offered are in line with the high quality standards of the hotel. The offer of luxury gift ideas to guests and the perception of their value is particularly important, as clients at extra-luxury hotels want to be treated with a special attention. That’s why it is essential to choose only exclusive suppliers. 

When selecting gift ideas, we have to carefully consider formulation, design and packaging in order to offer an unforgettable experience to the guests. Analysing these aspects with care leads to a new welcome kit that meets expectations and contributes to the overall success of the charming hotel.

To better understand which details make the difference, we invite you to read this guide.

What to choose

Gifting your clients with a box of personal care products is an invitation to connect with themselves every day, from the first moments of the day. 

Those who bring their own dermocosmetic products from home will forget the superfluous to focus on three essential gestures: cleansing, nourishing and moisturising the skin.

In an increasingly hectic world, where the pace of daily life seems to accelerate relentlessly, dedicating time to our own wellbeing is a priority. There is nothing better than a gift that promotes wellness.

Luxury hotel toiletries offer a unique and valuable experience for anyone wishing to unplug and regenerate.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the enveloping world of wellbeing and explore together how a gift can provide unforgettable moments of happiness.

Offering a wellness gift is a gesture that ties in with the concept of luxury hospitality. The hotel making it does not merely offer an impeccable service, it expresses a sophisticated art. 

It’s not just a simple present. It is a matter of representing by a gift an immersive experience that can arouse a personal emotion, plunging guests in a new dimension.

In the modern context, where details make the difference, an exclusive extra-luxury service distinguishes a hotel from its competitors by a meticulous attention to uniqueness. 

Hence, choosing the right luxury gift for hotels means to use fine ingredients that offer to each guest the best from Mother Nature. 

The skilful use of recycled materials and the refined design of Basilare wellness boxes express essentiality and elegance.

So, choosing a luxury toiletries line represents a commitment to offer to the guests a comforting feeling of exclusivity.


The benefits for luxury hotels, resorts and exclusive clubs offering wellness gifts to their guests are varied and very significant:

  • enhanced loyalty;
  • emotional connection;
  • distinctive value;
  • positive reputation;
  • expanded offerings;
  • long-term investment.

These gifts go far beyond a simple kindness, as they help to create deeper and longer-lasting bonds with clients.

Firstly, a wellness gift can play a key role in customer loyalty. Offering them moments of relaxation and pleasure makes them happy during their stay, and at the same time drives them to choose the hotel again for future trips. Obviously, it increases clients loyalty in the long term.

Attention to detail is evident in the choice of providing wellness experiences, and it generates a strong emotional bond with guests. This makes them feel appreciated and pampered, enhancing their overall perception of the experience at the hotel.

Furthermore, offering luxury hotel toiletries adds a distinctive value to the resort itself, identifying it as a luxury destination that pays attention to the wellbeing of its guests. Obviously, this can be a strong plus for potential customers.

A further benefit is the possibility of generating positive feedback and rave reviews from customers. Giving luxury welcome gifts as a wellness experience offers them a unique and memorable experience, which translates into positive online ratings and word-of-mouth, thus contributing to the reputation of the hotel.

Moreover, wellness has no defined limits. Through agreements and partnerships, the hotels can fulfil additional product requests from clients, expanding the offer and enhancing the overall customer experience.

In conclusion, offering a luxury hotel welcome kit not only improves the customer experience, but can also have a significant impact on the loyalty, reputation and positioning of the hotel in the luxury market. It is an investment that brings tangible benefits in both the short and the long-term.

The box

In line with these goals, Basilare offers its luxury gifts for hotels. The packaging is minimal and elegant, as the brand spirit is. 

In order to express its character, a rectangular box, with clearly defined lines, envelops the toiletries bottles.

Even the shape of each bottle is square, to symbolise its style consistency.

Elegance is in the aesthetics and in the gestures: the essence that bring us back to self-respect and love for Nature. 

As the recovery method is an object of our research for the creation of the Basilare exclusive box, the bottles are more than 84% regenerated from plastic polymers. Moreover, every single package in this charming box is 100% recyclable.

Design is at the core of each luxury gift for hotels. Every detail, from shapes to decorations, must transmit a sense of refinement. For this reason, choosing a beautifully designed box is a symbol of uniqueness.

The essential look of this luxury hotel welcome kit allows every charming hotel to communicate its values through it. 

So,if you are looking for the right luxury gifts for your hotel, you can be sure you can rely on the distinctive elegance of Basilare.

Investing in these distinctive items underlines your commitment to a superior hospitality.

For instance, our luxury gift box not only meets guests practical needs, but also intensifies a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere. Fine ingredients, exclusive fragrances and elegant packaging are part of the overall experience, distinguishing one luxury hotel from all the others.

Contact us to discover the attention to detail of Basilare luxury gift ideas. Turn your guests stay into an unforgettable experience they will desire to repeat. You will 

make a difference in the most sought-after art, that of overcoming your customer expectations